We're Moving!

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We're Moving! This is our Going Away Party at our South First storefront. We will miss this location lots, but on to the next adventure! Join us for one last hurrah!
The Party - 
- Moving Sale prices on lots of items!
- Puppy pool and free doggy treats
- Free Beer
- Accepting last chance to donate to our Animal Charity of the Month (Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary)
- Buy a gift card get entered into our awesome raffle!
- Possible free cupcakes?? 
- Rabbit Food Grocery Zine issue #1 release party! Limited printed copies will be available!!

FAQ - 
- When is your last day at the current location? Monday July 24th
- When will your new location be open? We are not sure exactly, but will keep y'all in the loop! 
- What is the address of your new store? 2425 Exposition (same shopping center as the Beer Plant, literally next door to Steve's Liquor)
- Should I start tapping on the window saying "open open open" yet? Not yet, we will alert you when we are very close to opening.
- Why are you moving? We love our current spot. But our new location will be bigger and have room for freezers and refrigerators - that means all the best vegan cheeze, frozen entrees, fresh produce, and so much more. We're super excited and hope you are too!
- Do you need help with painting/packing/moving? Not right this moment, but maybe soon? Email vegan@rabbitfoodgrocery.com.
- How else could I help? The best way to help is to buy a gift card! They can be used on our website or in our new store once it opens. For every $10 increment you buy, your name will go into a raffle for a really cool prize! This will give us a little cash flow to get new equipment we will have to purchase for the new store. As you can imagine, opening a new bigger storefront is not cheap, and this would really help us! These gift cards are available on our website too, and can be emailed to a friend.
- How can I get my ___ while your store is closed? Our website will stay open 24/7 during our "inbetween time". We are working out details for doing Pop-Up Shops where we would have items for sale. We also do free shipping on orders over $100, and may have a way to do a local pickup option for items like V-Dog - trying to figure it out. Stay tuned!
- I have product suggestions for your new store! Awesome, you can email us at vegan@rabbitfoodgrocery.com or write them on our suggestion list at our shop! 
- More questions? Leave a comment or email us!


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