*Pretty Candy Pin Company - Stainless Steel Straws

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Gorgeous and durable stainless steel straws with an anodized rainbow plating finish. Dishwasher safe, endlessly reusable, and waaay better for the environment than plastic straws! Choose between 8" straws, which are perfect for standard drinking glasses and restaurant drinks, or 10" straws, which are perfect for Rtic, Yeti, and other large volume drinkware. 

Black is Gunmetal black plated finish. 

Boba (Vegan Milkshake) Straws are 8” long and 12mm in diameter straws in your choice of finish. Dishwasher safe food grade stainless steel. Perfect for boba, bubble tea, smoothies, milkshakes, whatever.

Dishwasher safe, infinitely reusable, infinitely better than plastic!

Vinyl pouches are only for the 8" straws. 10" will not fit in them. The straw cleaners work for any size, however. Always be prepared when eating out, and tell them "no straw, please".