Are all of your products vegan?
  Yes! We source vegan products from around the globe for our shop. We are very strict in checking up on our distributors - items with sugar will only come from vegan sugar sources, etc. We make sure to have a written or verbal confirmation that all ingredients for each product are from non-animal sources. We aren't willing to compromise and carry something that we aren't totally sure about.

You can trust that we've done our homework. No honey, no bone-char sugar, no animal glycerin, no animal-derived mono- and di-glycerides, no animal-derived natural flavors... etc.
Do you have any recipes for the products you sell?
  We do occasionally post recipes using our products on our blog. You'd be happier searching VegWeb for a great recipe, though, trust me. Another great resource is the PPK (Post-Punk Kitchen).
What about sugar? I heard that sugar isn't vegan.
  Depending on the source, some cane sugar is whitened with bone char from cows. We won't ever sell any product with questionable sugar. We do a lot of research when carrying new products in our store that contain sugar, to make sure the source is vegan.

Here are a few tips to make sure the sweeteners in your pantry are vegan!

Vegan Sugar

Organic Sugar
Organic Evaporated Cane Juice
Beet Sugar
Turbinado Sugar
Brown Rice Syrup
Agave Nectar
Maple Syrup
Organic Cane Syrup
... and more!

Not Vegan Sugar

White Cane Sugar (from certain manufacturers - such as Domino, Savannah Foods, and California & Hawaiian Sugar Company (C&H) in the USA).

Source: Vegan Products and Standards
What products are gluten-free? Soy free? Sugar free? Salt free? Engine 2 approved? Eat to Live approved?
  We've set up a category called "Gluten Free Items" and added some products. Please check the ingredients (always listed in the product descriptions) to make sure the product suits your diet or allergy restrictions. We try to provide as much information as possible, but please double check the product packaging when receiving your order before consuming.
Why vegan?
  We don't believe in harming animals or using them for our own purpose. We don't believe animals exist to be used and abused by humans. Please check out these FAQs on Animal Rights from the Abolitionist Approach website.
Why does my package have bubble wrap/styrofoam/packing peanuts/newspaper inside?
  If the box we sent looks like it's been around the block a few times, it very well may have been. We do our best to recycle, re-purpose, and reuse the packing materials that we receive in our shipments from our distributors. You might find 3 different colors of packing peanuts, newspapers from France, or other interesting stuff inside. This interesting stuff helps your products arrive safely, helps the environment, and helps us to save money by keeping our costs down.

We do use CFC-Free styrofoam coolers to ship out cold items. We hate styrofoam. Do you have a better solution for us? Please get in touch!
I would like to request that you carry this fabulous vegan product in your store.
  That's great! We have a form for that. Click HERE.
Do I really NEED a "Foam Cooler & Ice Packs" for my perishable items?
  We require this for frozen and refrigerated items. It keeps your food from spoiling on it's journey to you. Your items may still arrive at room temperature, but they haven't been that way for long. It only takes a couple of hours for your food to reach room temperature, and if it's shipped for several days that way, you could be in trouble. The Foam Cooler & Ice Packs keeps your food cold for a couple of days before it starts to warm up. Remember that when you choose your shipping options... If you're in Texas or surrounding states, you'll be fine with our Standard shipping. East & West coasts, or the upper Midwest/Rocky Mountains should pick Expedited shipping.