Bee Free Honee - Mint

Bee Free Honee - Mint

Bee Free Honee

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"Inspired by our gardening skills and our love for all things culinary, we developed a first of its kind garden varietal honee. We use only garden fresh, hand picked mint to add a new dimension of refreshing, subtle and delicious flavor to our honee!

This is truly INCREDIBLE with hot or cold tea, on nondairy ice cream/yogurt or added as a glaze or vinaigrette. No more yucky, fake green jelly! Use Bee Free Mint honee, instead. Also try combining our Bee Free Mint Honee with our Chocolate Bee Free Honee for a wonderful topping on your favorite ice cream!"

12 oz container. Does not require refrigeration.
Ingredients: Organic apple juice concentrate, water, non-GMO vegan cane sugar, mint, lemon juice

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