Camberville Dog Treats

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"Our vegan treats are handmade in Cambridge, MA with freshly ground organic oats and in-season fruit and vegetables from MA farms. The nutrient-packed and allergy-free squares are full of flavor, low in fat and gentle on your dogs' bellies. We never use any chemicals, preservatives or fillers. We believe in using minimal, vitamin-packed ingredients.  Our low-fat squares are chemical and preservative free, corn free, dairy free, meat free, soy free and wheat free. Use as training treats, stuff in a puzzle toy or give to your pup as a daily wholesome snack."

Union Square 5 oz Pouch: Carrot Pumpkin (Organic Oats, Carrot, Pumpkin)

Harvard Square 5 oz Pouch: Sweet Potato Peanut Butter (Organic Oats, Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter)

Porter Square 5 oz Pouch: Apple Pear (Organic Oats, Apple, Pear)

Davis Square 5 oz Pouch: Kale Banana (Organic Oats, Kale, Banana)


 Catnip! Ingredients: organic catnip. .25oz