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Non-Dairy: 1.25€? soft enamel with rubber clutch back
Seitan: Hail seitan! Soft enamel ode to the vegan meat substitute. 1.25€?, gold plated, rubber clutch back.
Nooch: this is an homage to the amazingly nutty and cheesy nutritional yeast, better known as nooch! 1.5" soft enamel pin with rubber clutch back
Flour: Celebrate the most humble and ubiquitous ingredient in your kitchen. Where would we be without the simple bag of flour? 1.25" soft enamel pin with rubber clutch back
Zombie Pizza Cat: The original pizza cat design is finally back! This time in a spooky Halloween theme, complete with rotten pizza. 1.25" hard enamel with black nickel finish. Blood red eyes, moldy pizza crust, and ghastly pale fur. Rubber clutch back.

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