Rethink Plastic Eco Bags

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A collaboration between Paulphin and Rabbit Food Grocery!

These beautiful shopping bags fit easily in your purse or backpack for use at your farmer's market, grocery store, or just about anywhere else! Paul takes gorgeous photographs of these amazing ocean-dwelling animals and prints them onto eco-friendly bags for us here at Rabbit Food Grocery with a reminder to RETHINK PLASTIC for a more sustainable future for all. 

About Paul:

I€™m a passionate naturalist photographer/filmmaker who feels most at home in the ocean. I€™ve devoted my life to protecting our beautiful oceans and everything in them. I€™ve volunteered time, photos and ideas with the Wild Dolphin Foundation, Ocean Defender Hawaii, Oceanic Preservation Society, and Cascadia Cetacean Research, with goals to educate the public about the importance of ocean conservation. 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Oceanic Preservation Society.