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Sir Richard's condoms are vegan-certified because they donÌ_Ì_åÈt use the dairy product casein (or any animal product) in their manufacturing process. In March 2012, they received their vegan certification from the AVA (American Vegetarian Association). For every Sir Richard's condom purchased, they contribute one to a developing country. Each box has 12 condoms. Available in: Classic Ribbed, Pleasure Dots, Ultra Thin, Extra Large, 12 pack Collection (4 each of Classic Ribbed, Pleasure Dots, and Ultra thin).

Product Details:
+ Chemical-free.
+Made from 100% natural latex.

+ Premium lubricant. No spermicides, glycerin, or parabens.
+AVA Vegan Certified (American Vegetarian Society) & PETA Approved (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals).

+Rest assured that each one of these condoms has succeeded in numerous tests to ensure your pleasure, and each one is electronically tested to exceed FDA safety and reliability standards.

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