V-Dog Vegan Dog Food Kibble - Mini Bites Kibble for Small Dogs

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New Mini Bites Kibble is great for small dogs - OR testing if your (any-size) dog likes the taste of V-Dog! It's a 4.5 lb bag, and the same ingredients of the "regular" size kibble. Give it a try!

100% complete & balanced nutrition. V-dog proudly meets or exceeds AAFCO adult dog food nutritional standards and is veterinarian approved. 

V-dog is gluten-free* and contains no corn, no wheat and no soy. Our human-grade, hypoallergenic formula of super grains, veggies & fruits creates an easily digestible meal for even the most sensitive pooches. *Potential trace elements may occur in the processing of oats.

Our unique formula is optimally balanced with all the essential amino acids and complete plant-sourced protein for building strong muscles. Vital vitamins & minerals from nature's superfoods!

V-dog supplies all the critical vitamins, minerals and super foods to optimize brain development and cardiovascular health to keep dogs thriving well into their golden years.