VegeCAT phi Supplement by Harbringers of a New Age

VegeCAT phi Supplement by Harbringers of a New Age


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Struvite (ammonium magnesium phosphate) urinary stones can also readily form due to an infection of ammonia-producing organisms. Even in the absence of infection about 10% of all cats are genetically predisposed to developing struvite crystals that cause difficulty urinating and may produce blood in the urine. In the past, surgery was required to remove struvite uroliths in cats, but an acidifying low magnesium diet can dissolve sterile struvite stones.

Vegecat phi was developed for just that purpose. It contains sodium bisulfate, which is the most successful acidifier available for the prevention of uroliths. Studies show that sodium bisulfate significantly lowers feline urine pH. Meals made with Vegecat phi supplement contain the ideal concentration of .9% sodium bisulfate. Meals prepared with Vegecat phi supplement exhibit increased palatability because of the sour taste associated with acidification. In clinical trials a diet containing sodium bisulfate was preferred over a diet acidified with phosphoric acid by a ratio of over two to one and almost 50% more food was consumed by cats eating the sodium bisulfate diet. This is exciting news for those converting their cats to a vegetarian diet, since palatability can be a problem with some cats who are addicted to commercial foods containing digest.

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