VegeYeast for Cats & Dogs by Harbringers of a New Age

VegeYeast for Cats & Dogs by Harbringers of a New Age


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Formulated especially for companion animals, VegeYeast is a modified brewers yeast that is loaded with B vitamins and protein.

We prefer getting essential nutrients from whole foods as much as possible, rather than adding individual vitamins in an attempt to compensate for inadequate meals. That's why we recommend VegeYeast. It's loaded with the important B complex water soluble vitamins to support the nervous system as well as many other functions in the body. It is an excellent natural source of chromium and high quality protein.

VegeYeast is 100 times more acid than other yeasts such as brewers or nutritional and is 35% lower in magnesium. The extra acidity is valuable for both dogs and cats, and the lower magnesium content helps prevent urinary problems with cats.

VegeYeast 1lb (453g) - $5.95
VegeYeast 3lbs. (1361g) - $15.95
VegeYeast 5lbs. (2268g) - $24.95
VegeYeast 10lbs. (4536g) - $47.95

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